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Adult Mental Health First Aid training can positively impact your bottom line.  Adult Mental Health First Aid Training is an effective professional development tool that can be used to improve the performance and self-fulfillment of your employees, teams or community members. VSC Certified Mental Health First Aid trainers are providing this training all across the country and we are seeking to partner with health care agencies, corporations, colleges and organizations in order to bring Adult Mental Health First Aid Training to your community.

Get SHEnergized Empowerment 12 Week Program  is designed to team professional career women and business owners with women who are disadvantaged in our local communities. Together we experience the 12 Journey Week Journey to Empowerment that will guide us through the ABCs of a SHEnergized Life. During this Empowerment Experience we will be paired together as teams in order to enhance the experience for each woman. At the end of our Journey of Self-Discovery and Improvement, we will celebrate our achievement in a Graduation Empowerment Conference.

What's Your FLAVA? is the personality and communication system of the Masala Management Approach. Communication is the foundation for all human relationships. And, there are more than 7 billion people on  the planet, with different Feelings, Likes, Attitudes, Values and Actions or "FLAVAs". These personality differences can make effective communication very challenging.  If you can understand your FLAVA, you can understand your personality, your work style and the FLAVAs of your family, friends, employees and teams. Yes, people have FLAVAs! But, so do tasks, teams and entire organizations.

The Student Formula, is the blueprint of The Champion Mentoring Curriculum which lays out a  winning game plan for students to excel in inner-city classrooms. The curriculum is designed to provide techniques that will help educators narrow the achievement gap. This educational tool addresses deficits between suburban and inner-city schools.The curriculum offers strategies for every student to improve their study habits, reading skills, and test scores.  It also provides an avenue for parents, who always wanted to help their children perform better in school but didn’t know how.  

Vanguard Solutions Consulting is a certified Masala Training company. The Masala Training Philosophy is predicated upon the belief that you “take what you have and create what you want.” Our innovative training experiences are designed to teach you how to artfully blend your current human “spices” into the combinations of employees and teams that you truly want and need to achieve your mission-critical goals. Masala Training utilizes a dynamic-engagement methodology called Power UP. Vanguard's  Power UP Training Program can educate, energize and equip your people. We provide training on team building, all HR topics, strategic planning, board development and effective communication. 

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