• All your session streams and recorded videos in one place 

  • Protected accesses available only for your registered attendees

  • Accessible on phones, tablets or laptops, anywhere anytime.

  • Engage audiences with various online tools including live polls, session Q&A, surveys, session feedback, discussion board, and more

  • Notify attendees about any important updates via push notifications on their phones

  • Triple survey/poll response rate with in-app gamification

  • Help attendees make new connections with attendee profiles, match-making, icebreaking, and virtual meet-ups

  • Private chats to foster deeper connection

  • Active community board to discuss common topics and share photos, articles and tips

  • Virtual business card exchange to enable future communication

Showcase your sponsors and exhibitors online with mobile sponsor banners, virtual exhibitor halls, lead retrieving tools, company profiles, exhibitor coupons, online raffles, and passport/stamp gamification.


Ensure great ROI even though they are not physically in their booth!

Digital Work